High Culture Date Ideas

Are you going to have a date with a girl of your dream, but it seems that it is simply impossible to surprise her? Or do you want to diversify relationships that are slowly reaching an impasse? Learn the cultural dating definition and try to arrange an unusual date for the lady of the heart, from which she will come to an unprecedented delight!

What is a cultural date?

Culture – this concept is directly related to the life and formation of mankind at all stages of development, from a rational person to today’s highly developed society. Cultural activities include many things: theater and cinema, exhibitions and festivals, art and craft galleries, creative evenings and concerts, national holidays, and besides, the types of activities or hobbies that men and women do exclusively for the soul.

So, what is cultural dating? A culture date is an ambiguous concept, judging by how men and women understand culture differently. For some, to spend time culturally means visiting a standard excursion, for others, it is an international festival or exhibition, and someone generally believes that it means having a picnic with friends quietly. Modern art dates mean to make your inner world richer, broaden your horizons and contribute to your intellectual and emotional development.

In general, this is what cultural dating is all about – you can do anything, the main thing is to feel a genuine interest and strive to learn as much as possible about what you are interested in. In order for any date to be more productive, you need to do what brings pleasure, focus on something interesting and informative, spiritual. If you are planning your date, no matter where and with whom you will spend it, try to distract yourself from the pressing problems, forget about everyday worries, work, and other affairs, leaving all the bad and negative things behind. Change your mood for the better.

The main signs of a cultural date

A date is one of the most exciting moments in everyone’s life. Of course, if you are looking for a woman to marry, you want to show yourself as an interesting and pleasant person. But how do you know that this is a cultural date?

  1. You bring flowers

This is correct and this is how to show your respect. Flowers are just a nice sign, gifts are inappropriate here. Flowers on a date help you quickly start a conversation. Therefore, men can give a bouquet or one flower, if it is more convenient for them to start a date, and many girls understand that the guy wants to make them happy and shows attraction!

  • You don’t look at your phones

We can’t do two things at the same time. On a date, you spend not only your time but also the time of the woman. If you have an important call, you can warn about it in advance, but it can be only one call. No one forces you to spend 5 hours on a date, but it is your choice to come there. And, if you are distracted – this is disrespect to a partner.

  • You take a girl home

Successful completion of a date is a sure guarantee of new romantic meetings. According to the rules of etiquette, after a date, the gentleman must take the lady home: depending on the situation, it is permissible to call a taxi. The final touch in the rules of etiquette is to thank the lady for a nice evening and hint at future meetings.

Best places for a cultural date

Do you like to learn new things or plan to conquer a girl unexpectedly? Well, we have nice dating ideas for you below.

Art gallery

If you are both fans of art and everything related to it, then you can have an art gallery date. In a whisper, walk through a hall full of sculptures and pictures, holding hands. Isn’t it romantic? And, most importantly, there will be a great topic for conversation after it.


This can be an exhibition of paintings, a museum of modern art or retro cars or just art walk dates. The main thing here is a natural desire, not an imaginary need. Spend this time together and with what inspires you. And you will have enough time to talk with each other.

Poetry performance

If you love poetry and want to spend time listening to it, then go to the poetry performance with your girlfriend. Listen to how other authors read their poems, what rhymes they use. Perhaps at the end of the day, you will write your own poem.

Pottery class

Do you both like pottery? Creative people who are eager for a new experience can order a pottery master class on their date. This is both fresh impressions, familiarity with the hidden talents and character traits of the partner, and useful knowledge! Try making a mug or vase.


If you don’t understand anything in this, then read something about the history of the opera in advance. Read the libretto of the opera you’re going to. Most likely, they will sing in Italian, so you should look for some information about it. This is a great opportunity for you to show how sensitive and culturally developed you are.

Painting class

This is a romantic and creative meeting with a loved one. After the date, you will have pleasant memories and will take your own work of art with you. To go on a creative date, you don’t need to be a painter because you will be shown and taught how to create beauty.

Photography excursion

Now it is a popular place for having a date. Many photographers show their work at exhibitions. If you think it’s not interesting, you’re mistaken. Some works are comparable to a work of art. You can make sure of it yourself. Most likely, this will really impress your girl.

Ballroom dancing

Consider also dance date ideas. A professional choreographer will not only teach you a beautiful and lively dance but also charge you with the amazing energy of rhythm and sound. A cozy room, candles, and beautiful music will bring a romantic mood and create a magical atmosphere! You will only have to enjoy everything that happens!

Aquarium date

This is one of the most romantic places for those who look for interesting dating ideas. Do you know where you can see the most beautiful things of our planet? Under the water! Fantastic landscapes and colors, amazing creatures and plants, smooth grace, mesmerizing silence… A date in the aquarium is an amazing idea!

Watch indie film

This is the last option in our top 10 dating ideas. A romantic date is planned and you don’t know what to watch? Then you can spend a date watching indie movies. These are beautiful melodramas about love, which is sure to please both you and your woman, and will bring a romantic mood to both of you.

Art date tips

Dates are always an incredibly exciting experience because, on the one hand, we have romantic feelings, and on the other hand, we still know very little who we are inviting to this date. Hence the thrill, as well as anxiety about what to wear and how to behave so that the attraction that arose doesn’t disappear, and date doesn’t become the last one. We offer up-to-date tips that will help you behave well if you decide to implement dating art ideas.

  1. Invite a girl

It was more romantic previously – relationships took time, it was necessary to agree on everything, write a letter. And now there are smartphones and the Internet. Everything is changing. But it is still accepted that the initiative to go on a date comes from a man. He comes up with an evening program. What you will do and where you will go is better to discuss in advance with your soulmate, unless, of course, you are preparing a surprise for her.

  • Be neat

Of course, if you want to implement a dating museum idea (or any other one) in life, then you have to be neat, clean, and without unpleasant odors. Now men tend to look like gigolos – cool and rude. But still, romance and elegance should remain. Even the most independent girl is looking for support in a man. Therefore, it is a real art to be courageous and strong but not rude at the same time.

  • Don’t be late

Being late for a date is undesirable. But circumstances may be different. A lady, unlike a man, can afford to be late a little. But if something terrible happens, the permissible limit of delay of men is not more than 15 minutes. In case of force majeure circumstances, call and warn that you can’t be on time.

  • Behave like a gentleman

The gallant gentleman must remove all the obstacles that arose in the path of his companion: open the doors, carefully move the chair, which is then pulled to the table in the restaurant or cafe, take or help put on the coat. In most cases, the gentleman lets the lady go first.

  • Pay the bill

A man always pays for a romantic date. If a man asks a girl out, then he has to behave like a gentleman. It happens that a girl wants to pay for herself. Of course, you may agree, but in most cases, the initiative to pay a bill should come from a man. Of course, falling in love is fine but good manners should come first. Behave with restraint and modesty, show feelings non-verbally – smiles, light touches, etc. No one forbids flirting but don’t overdo it. It is still a cultural date. Don’t forget about some rules of it!