The most effective ways to find inspiration

When people make their first steps in the world of art, they frequently believe that inspiration is key to their success. Surely inspiration is very important when it comes to creating something new, especially if you are an artist. However, creating a masterpiece takes way more than that. However, some people don’t understand this fact. They focus only on their inspiration and forget that this is not the only thing that they need to be successful artists. If you are one of those people who can’t work without inspiration, you must understand that inspiration will never come if you don’t do something related to your art.

Every artist knows how boredom and daily routine feels. Even those who understand that professional artists must work even when they have no inspiration at all, very often have a hard time dealing with this problem. This is because the daily routine is the biggest enemy of art and artists. To help you deal with this problem, I decided to write this article. Surely, everyone is different, and we all approach art differently. This article won’t be of any help for those who decided to become an artist only because they won’t earn money. In real life, artists don’t make as much money as they show it on TV. Remember, art is not about money. It is about your desire to say something to this world.

Another interesting aspect is that some people in their pursuit of inspiration begin to lose themselves. Here I am talking about alcohol abuse or drugs. Remember, inspiration will never come from chemicals. True inspiration is about experiencing new emotions and feelings without any type of doping. Forget about “Live Fast, Die Young.” Your life is treasonous, and there is no reason to waste it for the sake of fleeting moments of inspiration. To be successful, you need to stay fit and healthy.

As I have already said before, all people are different. Thus, it is not surprising that we may find inspiration in different things. However, there are some ways how almost everyone can find inspiration for future creations. Here I would like to share with you the most common ways to find inspiration. These examples, with little adjustments, will work for everyone. Of course, you may prefer to search for inspiration on some websites where you can find beautiful girls, but this is a way more personal way of doing it. And again, here I will share ways that are suitable for everyone.
1. Music

Scientists from all around the world agree that music has incredible potential when it comes to inspiring people for some actions. There are many styles of music, and each of them may inspire different people for different deeds. Thus, you only need to know what style of music inspires you the most.

2. Pay attention to small details in the world around you

Personally, I know many artists who get a lot of their creative inspiration from small details of their surroundings. For example, they focus on birdsongs. Some painters pay attention to the natural colors of threes and animals. Literary everything may serve as a source of inspiration if you know where to search for it.

3. Movies and TV series

This may sound very strange, but movies and TV series may serve as a great source of inspiration. You see, there you can see the ideas of other people and how they render them for their views. Also, inspirational TV series or movies may help you to find motivation for your own work and art.

4. –°hanging the type of activity

When you see that you can anything else to your creation today, it may be great to change the type of activity. For example, take a walk or go on a picnic. This will help you to refresh yourself. However, I don’t recommend you follow this advice too often, or you may lose your productivity. Even the best art creations sometimes require monotonous work.

5. Social interactions

Surely you know that it is very important to interact with other artists. However, there is more to it. Locking in your studio is definitely not the best way to find inspiration. Instead, try to relax by spending time with your friends and even chatting with strangers. Way too often, artists underestimate the true value of social interactions.

In addition, there is another interesting aspect related to social interactions, movies, and inspiration. Here I am talking about personalities who become influences for other artists. No matter in what field you are going to work, there are always people who will, in one way or another, influence your work. For example, J. R. R. Tolkien still serves as inspiration for other writers. Also, if you are searching for inspiration for your painting, you don’t have to focus only on other painters. For this very reason, you can pay attention to writers, musicians, and other artists who work in absolutely different types of art. Here, I want to share with you some of my influences to show you what I mean.

  1. Edward Weston

Edward Weston is a very famous American photographer. He was believed to be one of the most influential American photographers of his time. Personally, I like his works for their innovative style and an incredible presentation. However, he has many interesting and strong sides.

  • Francis Bacon

I don’t think that I have to tell you who this historical person was and how many accomplishments he had. He is a great example of a very hard-working person who has been working on his creations for the whole life. Also, you definitely should take a look at his Four Idols.

  • Emily Young

Emily Young is a British sculptor who is widely known all around the world as “Britain’s greatest living stone sculptor.” Both her work and lifestyle are one of those things that I recommend checking out to everyone who makes the first steps in art. As you can see, almost everything may serve as an inspiration for an artist.  Today I shared with you a few things that inspire me for my work. Feel free to try different things to learn more about yourself. Besides, don’t expect that the same thing will serve as inspiration forever. There is a chance that each of your creations will require another source of inspiration.